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Organisation: Optimism Place Women's Shelter and Support Services  
Numéros de téléphone: Crisis Line and Sexual Assault Hotline: 519-271-5550
North Perth Direct Contact: 519-301-5310
Administration: 519-271-5310
Sans frais: 1-800-265-8598
ATS: 519-271-5550
Crise: 519-271-5550 (24-hour)
Télécopie: 519-271-5313
Site Web: www.optimismplace.com
Adresse postale:
270 Freeland Dr
Stratford, ON
N4Z 1G8
Intersection: Freeland Dr and Lorne Ave W
Point géographique: Southern Perth
Accessibilité: Accessible en fauteuil roulant    Accessible en fauteuil roulant
Heures d’ouverture:

Crisis line/sexual assault hotline available 24 hours
Exécutifs: Jasmine Clark - Executive Director
519-271-5310 X 12 * director@optimismplace.com
Description des services: Emergency shelter, housing, counselling and support to abused women and their children * weekly support groups, legal advocacy and community outreach

Transition and Outreach Support Programs - Supports women to help them move toward a safe and independent life * based on personal choices

Early Intervention - Group Support For Moms And Kids - Mothers and children attend separate groups at the same time * children see their mothers involved as key players whose knowledge and experience help guide the process of recovery

Healthy Relationships - 519-271-5310 ext 24 - Support for women affected by the sexual, physical or emotional abuse of one partner by the other in a dating relationship where the couple is not living together * email transitionaldvpp@optimismplace.on.ca

Legal Advocacy - Legal advocate will help women through the legal system * will accompany women to legal appointments, the police and provide court accompaniment * support and education to keep women informed of their rights

Services for Older Women - Support for women of an older generation offering services geared to the needs of older women including a fully accessible building, managing medications, assistance with financial matters, finding a long-term place to live and organizing health care services

Family Court Support - Legal advocate to help guide women through family or criminal court, dealing with custody, access and support issues or acting as witness in a criminal case
North Perth Violence Against Women Resource Centre - Support services to meet the needs of women and children living in abusive relationships * helps people to overcome the barriers to leaving abusive relationships

Frais: Free
Procédé et formulaires: Call or visit
Admissibilité / population desservie: Women who have been or are being abused and their children
Langues: English
Zone(s) desservie(s):
Stratford and area  
Voir aussi: Violence familiale et agression sexuelle
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