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Organisation: Ontario. Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services - West Region - London - Regional Coroner's Office  
Numéros de téléphone: 519-661-6624
Sans frais: Provincial Coroner's Dispatch: 1-855-299-4100
Toronto: 1-877-991-9959
Après-heures: 416-314-4100
Télécopie: 519-661-6617
Adresse courriel: occ.london@ontario.ca
Site Web: www.mcscs.jus.gov.on.ca
Adresse postale:
Richmond North Office Centre
235 North Centre Rd, Suite 303
London, ON
N5X 4E7
Intersection: Richmond St and North Centre Rd
Point géographique: London (North)
Accessibilité: Accessible en fauteuil roulant    Accessible en fauteuil roulant
Heures d’ouverture:

Exécutifs: Dr Rick Mann - Regional Supervising Coroner
Dr Dirk Huyer - Chief Coroner for Ontario
Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario
Toronto: 1-877-991-9959
Personnes-ressources publiques: Melissa Lassaline - Regional Coordinator
Lynne Little - Administrative Assistant
Description des services: Coroners administer the Coroners Act by investigating sudden and unexpected deaths, inform the public about prevention of similar deaths, order autopsies for medicolegal reasons, conduct inquests and sign certificates for cremation and for shipment of bodies out of Ontario * administers the Anatomy Act for donation of bodies for medical education

Requesting a Coroner's Report - The attached authorization form may be completed and submitted as follows: A request for a coroner's report must be submitted in writing, signed by a first-degree next-of-kin (parent, spouse, child, or sibling of the deceased) stating the name of deceased, date and place of death * name, address and phone number of the person making the request should also be indicated * requests are to be faxed, scanned and emailed, mailed or hand-delivered to the office

Frais: Free
Procédé et formulaires: Mail, fax, scan and email, or hand-deliver
Call Provincial Coroner's Dispatch to contact a coroner to investigate a death
Langues: English
Zone(s) desservie(s):
Bruce, Chatham-Kent, Elgin, Essex, Grey, Huron, Lambton, Middlesex, Oxford, and Perth  

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