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Organisation: Canada. Veterans Affairs Canada - London District Office  
Sans frais: 1-866-522-2122
French: 1-866-522-2022
ATS: 1-800-567-5803
Crise: 1-800-268-7708
Adresse courriel: information@vac-acc.gc.ca
Site Web: www.veterans.gc.ca
Adresse postale:
417 Exeter Rd
London, ON
N6E 2Z3
Intersection: White Oak Rd and Exeter Rd
Point géographique: London (South)
Accessibilité: Accessible en fauteuil roulant    Accessible en fauteuil roulant
Heures d’ouverture:

Description des services: Local office providing access to services and benefits for veterans and their dependents, including financial help for emergencies such as shelter and health care

Programs for disability pensions, veterans allowances, pension advocacy, health care and commemoration * provides compensation for hardships arising from disabilities and lost economic opportunities, health and social services, professional legal assistance, and recognition of the achievements and sacrifices of Canadians during periods of war and conflict

Assistance Services: 24h daily counselling and referral services available through toll-free number * face-to-face counselling also available after phone call
Disability Pension Program - Benefit paid to persons with a permanent disability resulting from an injury or disease relating to war service
Funeral, Burial and Grave Marking Assistance - Financial assistance to ensure a dignified funeral and burial for war veterans and qualified civilians
Health Care Benefits Program - Provides financial support to qualified veterans for health care services and benefits * available through VACs 14 programs * may also reimburse travel expenses incurred when travelling to receive treatment benefits and services 
Veterans Independence Program (VIP) - Offers a variety of services that assist eligible persons to remain healthy and independent in their own homes
War Veterans Allowance (WVA) - Monthly financial assistance to help low-income Veterans, qualified civilians or their survivors meet their basic needs  * surviving spouses, common-law partners or orphans can continue to receive War Veterans Allowance at the married rate for a period of one year from the date the Veteran passed away

Frais: Free
Procédé et formulaires: Call, meet with counsellor or visit website for forms and detailed information * services provided in veterans homes and at office locations
Admissibilité / population desservie: Armed forces and Merchant Navy veterans (WW1, WW2, Korea War) * former and in certain cases, current members of Canadian Forces (including Special Duty areas and peacekeeping) * allied veterans who lived in Canada prior to periods of war * certain civilians who are entitled because of their war time services * former/serving members of RCMP * some survivors and dependents eligible
Langues: English * French
Langues - Notes generals: French publications and website * French through the national toll-free number
Zone(s) desservie(s):
London, Brant, Essex, Huron, Middlesex, Oxford, Norfolk, and Perth  
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